Über uns

Ru srl was founded in 2009 and, thanks to years of experience in the sector, is still the reference point for wood importers. The stable working relationship with Ruggero Fabio and Dusan Medved led the agency to increase its perceived value, both to customers and suppliers. Since June 2016, the direction of the company passes the current owner Nina Medved, in order to give continuity to the work of the agency and with the purpose to consolidate its leading position in the global landscape of the timber trade.

"Since 30 years, wood is almost like a family member I remember the smell of wet logs and the sound of profilers who accompanied and characterized the business trips with dad. The love and respect for this material, in its variations and applications, has made quite natural my approach to this field also from the professional point of view.
Giving continuity to the work and experience acquired over the past 30 years, it was also the only way to guarantee our customers a large product range, high availability and the best quality; and to ensure the right distribution channels to our suppliers.
The solid relationships with producers (who have direct procurement in the forests of the most demanded materials) are the cornerstone of our agency: the constancy and commitment rewarded us allowing to build stable partnerships with suppliers in South America, Africa, Asia and the Ex-Yugoslavia.
The close link with the factories and local craftsmen has become even stronger thanks to the continuous exchange of information and know-how between Ru staff and production facilities, with the common purpose of being able to provide more and more finished and customized products.
Our job is to listen, analyze and translate the needs of global markets, making sure that cooperation with manufacturers will turn to innovation and lead to the creation of new performing products, in line with customer demands and carefully manufactured."

Nina Medved