About us

Medwood is the final result of the evolution of Ru srl, custodian of great experience and reference point in the wood market. The passage of ownership to Nina Medved was an occasion for reflection, a round table where both experience and knowledge were collected and reflected for future projects.

Medwood continues on the path outlined in past decades thanks to the technical and commercial support of Dusan Medved. Expert in wood for over 30 years Dusan has established strong relationships with manufacturers; a continuous comparison based on transparency and common objectives allowed us to create all together a way to operate in full respect of culture, environment and work ethic.

The research in our sector is a constant attempt to simplify relations between suppliers and customers, always careful of the importance of sustainability. Medwood is convinced that good communication is the only way for a solid human relationship and sustainability is the only way to boost the economy, promote territories, entrepreneurs and business.

The producers, our collaborators, are one of the main pillars of Medwood: with constancy and commitment we have built solid and valid partnerships with suppliers in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. The continuous exchange of information and knowledge between Medwood, the production sites and the artisans has as common goal to offer new products and to propose new and more personalized solutions.

But the essence of all our work is always the reasoning on the service as a response to the needs of our clients in the hope of outlining, consolidating and maturing renewed confidence.