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01. Sources monitoring

Sources monitoring

Thanks to the co-operation with professionals in the countries where wood originates, the supply sources are regularly monitored. Our representatives are responsible for checking the materials right from the initial stages.

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02. Extraction in the forest

Extraction in the forest

We are constantly kept up to date during the stages of operation, quite often from the stage of extraction of logs in the forest right up to transportation to the saw mill where production begins.

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03. Checking and Testing

Checking and Testing

We check that everything proceed according to schedule until the production is completed and then dispatched to the port and/or loaded on the truck. The material is checked before delivery by our testers who certify its quality through inspection reports and photos.

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04. Shipping and delivery

Shipping and delivery

Before goods loading Medwood carefully checks that all documents are correctly filled with regards to the EUTR regulation. Then after the receipt of packing list confirmation, shipping instructions for the carrier, bill of loading and additional certifications are agreed with customer. Once shipping/loading has been completed, Medwood sends to the customer, via e-mail, copies of documents as well as all information regarding the estimated arrival of the good at port (for container) or at final destination (truck).

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05. Documents and certification

Documents and certification

With all imports by land or ship, Medwood grants its support to all customers in carrying out Custom procedures, logistic service, Custom clearance and all certifications/documents useful for wooden floorings trading as well as those to protect consumer’s rights and OUR environment.